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I often think from time to time how some boots kind of give the illusion of horse hooves. But never seen literal ones, with horseshoes! They’re kind of awesome >_>


As the original poster I am aware that they are fetish boots. I should have stated that originally but I was looking at them from a more artistic p.o.v. and don’t find them to be limited to fetishes. I was looking at horse hoof boots and horse head fetish masks as items that could be used in a human chess board photoshoot, for the Knights. These pair were the first I’d seen since all I could think of were those furry platform boots that remind me of clydesdales.

So who is to assume that no one knows what it’s original intent was, or that despite that they can’t simple appreciate it for what it is. Just because it’s a fetish boot doesn’t mean you HAVE to be into that to know what it is and only look at it as such.