The 2nd Gratefully-Dabbed Giveaway!

I have hit my next goal and wanted my lovely followers to get in on some goodies! ^_^ 

The Giveaway Includes:

Rasta Pipe (With a faaaat bowl)

14mm Custom Dome 

Rasta Enjoi Panda Shirt

Blunt Wraps

Mini Red Pipe

Kandi I made

Pink Grinder

& last but not least stickers ^_^


Must be following me gratefully-dabbed
One reblog=one entry
There is no limit to entries
Likes won’t count as an entry. 

Contest ends September 22nd 12pm MTN TIME (One month away from my birthdayxD)

Happy blogging and good luck to all my amazing followers, thank you for everything you’ve done! Time for me to give back <333

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